New Item! Tiny Hanging Story Planters. 


Bunnies & Mushrooms! Confused Sheep! Cats! Dancing Birds! Villages! Adventures at Sea! These tiny planters are great alone or in groupings. Perfect for airplants or tiny succulents.


Once you choose the theme, we'll pick one out from our inventory OR purchase and contact us and we'll send you a photo of our inventory of that theme!


SPECIAL OFFER: If you purchase two or more, we'd be glad to send you a free air plant AND instructions on how to care for it. (Please contact us if you'd like one as it isn't possible to add it in check out. A simple email will do.)


Each is approximately 2"H x 2"W. These tiny hanging planters are great for air plants!


Each one of Connie's charming whimsical planters are hand built of porcelain with sgraffito design and hand painted with colored slips. Illustrations are included on interior and exterior surfaces. 


Each planter is unique in both form and illustration--and each has a story to tell. Choose which piece you like: A, B or C. 


Also, more are being fired so if you are interested in other designs, let us know!  


Variations occur in all pieces which is part of their charm. These pieces do not have a glazed surface, but rather are fired oxidation cone 9-10 (2300 degrees).


Our story bowls were recognized by Yankee Magazine, Nov/Dec 2019.

Tiny Hanging Story Planters- Birds, Sheep, Cats, Bunnies, Villages!

  • Our functional works are food safe, hold water and are oven proof, microwave and dishwasher safe.

    For longevity of your turin & turin clayworks piece, you may chose to hand wash these fine art pieces but they are completely safe to go into your dishwasher.