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Start at the Beginning--our first blog post

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

In building our new website, this blog option appeared and sounded both intriguing and challenging. As a ceramic art team, it had never occurred to us to blog but because one of us loves to write (Connie) we thought we'd have Connie take this on.

The Whimsical & Textural

As a new blogger, I promise to 1) try keep it interesting 3) write at least once a week and 3) read more of other people's blogs. So if you are out there are are writing on the topic of arts/crafts/life of an artist-crafter please let me know and I'll happily to subscribe to yours, read it and learn from it.

The timing of my first entry is silly at best as we are heading out to our first craft show of the year in Marlborough, MA this morning and there is a nor'easter over our heads as I type. So I'll bid farewell for now.

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