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Missing League of NH Craftsmen's Fair but Feeling Thankful

We do not have a booth at the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair this year BUT we are participating in a variety of ways. Both our works are on display in the Art, Craft and Design tent, at The Shop at the Fair, we have for sale our "peeps" and our holiday bells. and we have donated work to the Fair Raffle.

Today we are so proud to announce that Lars has won two awards at the Art, Craft and Design exhibition for the piece pictured above. "Kintsugi #9" is a hand built/wheel thrown stoneware vessel with black slip applied to the texture and gold glaze applied to rim. The awards include: 'Best in Decorate Ceramics' and 'Best in Art, Craft and Design.' We thank the judges and the League for this award.

This year has been anything but normal and we are so disappointed that we are not with our fellow League members at the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair this week. We miss not only seeing other members but our customers as well. We have grown close to many people who appreciate our work and not seeing them for so long has been hard: hearing feedback on our work helps us move our work to the next level and motivates us to bring new designs and new forms to our line. So please accept our THANKS!

(Pictured above are all our submissions to the Art, Craft and Design exhibit at the NH League of Craftsmen's Fair August 7-15, 2021 and Lars' awards!)

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