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Life has Changed

Life has dramatically changed since our last post. The Covid pandemic has effected us all. We have been home this summer for the first time in years--all our in-person craft fairs were canceled. We did get to watch our flower gardens flourish all the while missing seeing so many good people.

We also recognize how incredibly lucky we are. We have always known this but in times like these being fortunate is at the top of our minds.

Our life, our work, is in a small studio within our home. Many would say it is tight quarters but we like the intimacy and enjoy working side by side. So, our daily lives continue--we work doing what we love, we communicate to our family and friends via video chats, social distancing, texts and email, much like the rest of the world.

We are learning how to adjust our business model: increasing our web and social media presence while trying to maintain the discipline of regular studio hours. Distractions are many, most of them mental but we march on. Being home even allowed us a trip out in our canoe!

As the weather now begins to cool, we will again adjust. York will become once again a small town by the ocean rather than busy, popular summer destination. We will start to bake, make soup and head to bed just a bit earlier because of chill and the shortening of days.

Hoping you are safe and that you are making time to be good to yourself and others. I'll end with a sunrise photo taken by Lars just this week.

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