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Plans never seem to go as planned

So I had really hoped, crossing my fingers hoped, that I was going to be able to tackle this blog in a very neat sequence. But as what happens with many best laid plans: nope. Things move quickly and sometimes we just need to let things flow. SO . . .

We are packing to go to a fine craft arts festival this weekend which is alway a mixture of excitement, frustration, enthusiasm, stress and fun.

My day started out with cooking. We like to bring our own food for many reasons--health, taste, cost savings being a few. So at 6:00 a.m., I'm up baking granola, roasting beets, sautéing chicken and boiling shrimp. It may sound fancy but compared with going out to eat four nights and it seems reasonable enough. We are going to do the cold salad and protein thing.

When packing to go on any trip, there seems to be a million and one things that need to be done that seem to have nothing to do with the actual trip. Like watering the plants. Today I soaked about 40 air plants because I didn't want anything to happen to them while we are away.

And Lars did a bit of weeding because you never know when the neighbors might drop in!

Both of these activities, which seemed important at that moment, made the day seem a bit more stressful so we pushed it into high gear . . . I put on our new bumper sticker, (nice, right?) while Lars started to load the car.

And while he continued to load the car, I ironed clothes, ran a couple of errands, packed clothing, placed an ad on Facebook and Instagram, worked on the website, went over list after list and just kept moving. I'm not exactly sure what I did but it's 5:00, the list is all marked DONE and Lars is out getting the pizza. Early tomorrow morning, we depart.

I will really try to keep my posts in some kind of order as I know that everyone really is interested in our clay techniques but today is really truly a big part of what we do. We aren't always in the studio, sometimes we are cooking, cleaning, packing, sweating, typing, laughing and, well, living the life of working artists!

Thanks all and have a great holiday weekend!

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