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The Beet Test

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I'm often asked if the unglazed surface on my cone 9-10 work (fired at 2300+ degrees) will stain.

Here is my pictorial answer using The Beet Test.

And there you have it! The work is also fine in the dishwasher.

I actually let the beet stay in the dish for a couple of hours before photographing the sequence.

I know this post is (again) a bit out of sequence but we are racing through our preparation for the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's Annual (10 day) Fair. I had time for a quick post and know that many will be interested to see this one.

Now go have fun on the beach or at the park or in your garden! Happy Summer all!

I kind of feel like Lemony Snicket in this photo. For all who know the reference, cheers! :)

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