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How quickly the time goes...

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Seems spring is long time coming this year. All our flowering trees and bushes are in full swing but it has yet to reach 70 degrees and, in fact, struggled to get over 60. Patience, grasshopper, it will come.

We are pushing ourselves into our spring/summer season, wanting to be outside when the sun shows herself, finding warmth when the kilns are firing, and still eating soup well into the salad season.

While Lars is introducing new colors into his works, I continue to add new characters and designs into mine.

We both loved the bright colors of last year but felt a bit more subdued this year as seen in Lars' current bowls.

I'm feeling emboldened to show a bit more humor in my work as clearly shown in my 'confused sheep' and chicken bowls.

And Lars is getting back to the ocean for his sunrise photo series. If you'd like to see them most mornings, follow him on Facebook or Instagram. He takes some nice ones!

Have a great spring and here's to hoping we see you at one of our fine craft shows! Check out our ever evolving schedule on our website. Cheers!

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